Jeff Chambers Music

The Jeff Chambers Variable n-tet

The Variable n-tet is my generic band. n is conceived as a positive integer which can vary from 1 to  many. For the majority of its existence it has existed in its Large n-semble form playing my compositions for big band.

Chief influences are The Mothers of Invention II and III, the Canterbury scene,  retro US garage bands, modern jazz and brass band music. I started this project in Barnsley in the early 90s  making use of the Band Studies course students, generally known as the 'brassers'. Having moved back to London at the turn of the 21st Century I was shocked to be urged by the estimable Mark Bassey to make a cd. With his imprimatur I was able to play with some of the musicians I would hitherto only have paid to see. Since then we have played a few gigs and something like 70 musicians, all superb, have passed through the ensemble.